8 Steps You Can Take TODAY To Reduce Toxins In Your Life!...

The Most Important To-Do List You’ll Ever Read...


There are some 80,000 chemicals in consumer products today...

They could be in personal products... cleaning products... kids toys... kitchen utensils...

We all know this.

They can be absorbed through skin, through eating, through breathing!...

The question is...

What can you do about it?...

Wear only hemp and stop using deodorant?

There are people who live that way…

But here’s a list of ten simple things YOU can do, starting right now, to drastically reduce the level of toxins in your world, without changing your lifestyle.

#1 Use Natural Personal Care Products

To keep it simple... use less, choose natural where possible, and avoid products that contain chemicals with long names.

#2 Eat Organic

An obvious solution to reduce your intake of pesticides. If Whole Foods stretch your budget, choose local seasonal produce where possible, avoid soft fruits, and make sure you wash produce before eating.

#3 Drink Lots Of Water

Six glasses of water a day are recommended for women (nine for men).

#4 Improve Air Quality At Home

Choose home textiles with natural fibres, avoid furniture made from polyurethane foam, open windows often, dust surfaces frequently, use a high quality filter vacuum and avoid vinyl products.

#5 Eat More Vegetables (And Less Meat)

I used to work as a PA for the head exec of a meat processing plant. He only ever ate vegetables and rice. Now I know why!... In addition to steroids given to livestock, many toxins find their way into the fat cells of the animals we eat.

#6 Sweat More

Toxic chemicals leave your body through sweat. Saunas, hot baths and herbal foot patches can help you detox.

#7 Exercise

Another obvious way to sweat out toxins… but exercise also helps the body break-down fat cells and release toxins for the body to get rid of.

#8 Buy Less, And Buy Green

Through consciously avoiding products that contain harmful toxins, you not only directly reduce the level of poisons in your own environment… but you just might contribute to the economic pressure that gets big corporations to voluntarily avoid using them too.

After all, it appears they care far more about profits than peoples’ health.

What More Can You Do To Get Toxins Out Of Your Body?

Before doing all you can to get toxins OUT of your system…

The first step is to stop toxic substances getting IN.

If you think of your body as a bucket... you need to stop filling it up before you can empty it out.

So you want to be sure any supplements or products you use to detox are based on natural ingredients.

Like Nuubu Detox foot patches...


Based on traditional Asian medicine, and containing 8 herbal ingredients, the patches promote natural perspiration and absorb toxins...

All while you sleep, relax… or even walk-about during the day.

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